LV Power & Control Cable

If you are looking for the best Power and Control Cable Suppliers in UAE, you are in the right place. Speak to us and order our products without any delay. Customer Delight Trading has made a huge name in the market by Supplying quality products always at your doorstep.

Cables are a vital component of any industry. We being the best Power Control Cable Suppliers in the country today, work towards not just connecting cables, but o

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Medium Voltage Cable

For Medium Voltage Cable in Abu Dhabi, (UAE), Customer Delight Trading is the name that you can trust upon.  We are the most prominent Medium Voltage Cable Suppliers in UAE, engaged in procurement and supply of a wide selection of Medium Voltage Cables all over the Gulf Countries. Medium Voltage Cables that we offer are manufactured by reputed manufacturers under excellent guidance and support of experts. These cables are large power carriers and are used to ca

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Instrumentation Cables

Customer Delight Trading is the leading Instrumentation Cables Suppliers in UAE, rendering a wide range of Instrumentation Cables to various industries including Oil & Gas Industry, Power Industry, and Construction Industry. Instrumentation Cables are largely used for carrying data signals from critical instruments used for measurements. These are high voltage cables which has the voltage range of 300/500 V. We procure these Instrumentation Cables from reputed and tr

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Fire Resistant Cables

Fire-resistant cables have the ability to maintain the circuit integrity under fire for a stated period of time and under defined conditions. These are mica glass taped, armored cables with low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire and are mainly used for fixed installations. Nuhas Oman offers these fire-resistant cables under the series FRC 500.

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Fire Alarm Cables

Fire & Smoke alarms and detectors, voice communications and addressable alarm systems installed in buildings or similar applications where maintenance of power supply during a fire is required for defined period of time.

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Solar Cables

A solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation. Solar cables interconnect solar panels and other electrical components of a photovoltaic system. Solar cables are designed to be UV resistant and weather resistant. They can be used within a large temperature range.

Photovoltaic Cable ENERGYFLEX H1Z2Z2-K

Photovoltaic cable Energyflex-PV WIRE

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Offshore Cables

Customer Delight Trading holds expertise in supplying a wide assortment of products to Oil & Gas industry, Power industry, and Construction industry. We make available a wide array of Offshore Cables to be used in offshore drilling, exploration, and production units. We have gained a reputation in the UAE market as one of the most prominent Offshore Cables Suppliers. The Offshore Cables that we make available are designed and manufactured to be fire resistant, flame retardant, low smoke,

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Ship Board Cables

Customer Delight Trading is one of the prominent names amongst the Suppliers of Shipboard Cables in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our trading of the cables is not limited to the Abu Dhabi only; we have spread our business all over the Gulf Countries. Shipboard Cables that we offer are designed to implement a wide range of shipboard audio, video, security, networking and control applications. These are manufactured under extreme conditions to make them fire resistant, flame retardant, low smoke & haloge

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