3M Tape

We are offering our esteemed patron in UAE best quality 3M Tapes. Within the few years of our inception, we have grown as big name in the industry, providing high-quality Vinyl Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape

America's #1 professional grade vinyl electrical tape, Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape is a premium grade, 7 mil thick, all-weather vinyl-insulating tape. It is designed to perform continuously between a temperature range of 0–220

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3M Cable Ties

3M Cable Ties are molded from 6/6 nylon and are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including weather resistant black for outdoor use.we are offering to its clients a wide array of 3M Cable Ties in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Just after few years of our inception we have grown as of the leading 3M Cable Ties Suppliers in UAE. It happened because of our honest services and international quality products. 3M Cable Ties that we are offering are procured from prominent 3M Cable Ties manufacturers who

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3M Wire Lubricant

Customer Delight Trading is offering a wide range of 3M Wire Lubricants to its esteemed patrons in UAE. We are serving various industries including Oil & Gas industry, Power industry and Construction industry. 3M Wire Lubricant that we are offering is a translucent white polymer gel which produces a low coefficient of friction for smooth low-tension wire and cable pulling. It works on a scientific mechanism, which suggests that low coefficient of friction makes cable pulling easier and sa

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3M Termination Kit

3M™ Cold Shrink QT-II and QT-III terminations are designed using 3M developed track resistant silicone rubber and Hi-K stress control material in conjunction with the unique cold shrink design developed by 3M.We are offering a wide range of 3M Termination Kit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We get hold of these 3M Termination Kit from reputed manufacturers and maintain a large stock to meet up the demands of the market. The 3M Termination Kit offers easy installation and reliable performance when te

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3M Scotchcast Resin Joint…

3M™ resin insulated splicing kits are designed for indoor, outdoor (weather exposed), direct buried or submersed applications. 3M brand Scotchcast™ Resins are 100%solids, electrical grade, hydrolytically stable insulating resins. Their unique electrical and physical properties make them ideal for insulating and protecting electrical/electronic pars and assemblies. Their physical features also make them suitable for non-electrical, general use applications, for example as adhesives

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