Certa Electrik Corporation


We are an authentic Electrical Construction Tools Suppliers in UAE. We offer unique and Innovative Tools for Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Maintenance and Telecom Professional to fit every facet of the job. It includes crimping tools, cutting tools, Bus bar processing and bending tools, Hydraulic pump, Angle steel and screw processing tools, and cable processing tools. We make great electrical construction tools that stand up to the demands of the professi

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Cable Glands

We are renowned Cable Gland suppliers in UAE that are made of brass material with natural brass or nickel-plated finish. We offer A1/A2 Cable Glands that are used in indoor and outdoor cables suitable for all types of unarmoured cables, plastic or rubber sheathed cables. Our BW Cable Glands (4 PART) are generally used for Dry Indoor cables. Our CW Brass Cable Glands are used in dry indoor and outdoor situations and with cables with extruded or lapped bedding. We o

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