EX Link Plug

EX Link is a complete system for connecting and disconnecting product electrically.This system is available in different versions for different applications. Depending upon the field of application, the components of the EX Link connector system are available in different versions.  

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Distribution Box

The distribution box serves as the load centre and distributor of electrical power. A distribution box ensures that electrical supply is distributed in the building, also known as a distribution board, panel board, breaker panel, or electric panel. It is the central electrical supply system of any building or property.

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Junction Box

Electrical boxes, also known as junction boxes, enclose wire connections. They help protect against short circuits, which can cause fires.

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Emergency Light

We offer high-quality emergency lights to help you in times of emergency. These lights are automatically turned on when the power supply is cut. Local self-contained batteries mounted within the emergency luminaire or a central battery wired via a dedicated network to the emergency fittings can provide emergency lighting.

Cooper Safety is a leading name in the market for self-contained emergency luminaires, slave and exit sign luminaires, central battery systems and addressable auto

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Plugs Receptacle

Plugs  and receptacles for industrial areas with high impact - and ingress protection for superior and reliable connections.The explosion-protected light metal plug and receptacle devices can be used in the areas of Zone 1 and Zone 2 at no risk of explosion.  Extremely harsh conditions of use in the hazardous area require the devices to have highest mechanical strength. The explosion protected CEAG plug and socket devices can be used to supply the appropriate energy to portable elec

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