Electrical Duct Heater

Product Name : Electrical Duct Heater

Product Specification

We are rendering a wide selection of Electrical Duct Heaters in the UAE market and have emerged as one of the biggest players of the industry. We are one of the largest Electrical Duct Heaters Suppliers in UAE, offering the highest quality products in the market. Our heaters are uniquely designed to allow free-flow of air around ceramic and lowest possible pressure drop through elements and rack. It is being used by various industries in a number of applications for heating air in safe zones, with the mechanical protection level of IP40, IP55, and IP65. Some of the regular applications of the Electrical Duct Heaters are air-conditioning systems, convection air heating, painting plants, pre-heating of ovens, hot chambers, desiccation plants, packaging machines, smoke damping systems and air drying systems. We have a large distribution network, making us capable of delivering the products at clients’ doorsteps within the stipulated time frame. Feel free to contact us for price quotes and for placing your order.