Earthing Riser Integrity & Earth Grid Integrity Test

We are a well-known Earth Grid Integrity Test Providers in UAE. We offer end-to-end solutions in risk management including grounding & lightning protection to or esteemed clientele. We carry out tests to the equipments are that really connected to earth or not and can pin point buried open connections of earthing. We also identify locations with unsafe touch & step potentials in the electric setup. We offer Earthing Riser Integrity Provider best in class a

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Electro Magnetic Interference & Compatibility ( EMI & EMC )

Our company is a renowned Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Electro Magnetic Interference service providers in UAE to our esteemed clientele. In Electro Magnetic Interference, we offer AC Interference Studies, DC Interference Studies, DC stray Current Analysis, EM Zoning, Matrix & Evaluation, Electromagnetic Shielding, Static and High Frequency grounding, Electro Magnetic Isolation. While for Electro Magnetic Compatibility, we offer Solution for Unexplained T

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