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Product Specification

We do offer a complete package of services with main focus on Customer needs for Electrochlorination Plants, such as:

  • Engineering Consultancy
  • On-Site Service Maintenance, Site Surveys, Third Party Inspections
  • Study of Reverse Engineering & Interchangeable spare parts

The purpose of on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite solution from seawater is to economically and safely produce the biocide and disinfecting agents for use in industrial plants.

Sodium hypochlorite injection protects against biological fouling, slime and marine growth, seawater circuit, equipment, seawater side of heat exchangers.

The hypochlorite generation process needs maintenance, spare parts replacement and upgrades over the years of operation.

Customer Delight Trading developed strategic Ordinary Maintenance Replacement Kit available for fast replacement and ready-to-use approach in order to assure reliable generation of hypochlorite.